Monday, December 20, 2010

If Only I Could...

Lately, my work-life balance is so beyond me and I'm really getting so tired already. I want to be with my kids now more than ever but I couldn't and that really pains me a lot. They have been sick the past days and I have sort of need to put that fact aside because I have deadlines. What kind of mother I am? I'm a bad mother! In addition to that, I also want my prayertime back coz I feel that someone forcibly stole it from me. And especially now that it's the Christmas season, I want to feel the "Christ" in the season but, somehow, it's not what's happening.

If only I could, I'll really want to shift to become a housewife-mom again. Maybe I can just stay as a blogger?

But I do have a choice now?

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