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Hong Kong October 2011 - Day 1

October 20, 2011

My husband and I, together with good friends C and B, hopped on a plane from Manila to HK for a 4D3N vacation.

I barely had sleep before the flight because I have to finish many things in the office for I'll be gone for 2 days.

So here we are at the Terminal 3, about to board the plane.

Our friends C&B on true vacation mode:

Our plane opened for boarding just right on time. However, due to some traffic on the runway, we waited for it to take off only a good 10-15 minutes later than expected. So while waiting --- a random picture first:

After about almost 2.5 hours of flight, we landed safe and sound:

The weather was perfect in HK:

All smiles for Mr. and Mrs. P (I do look sleepy here, haha):

Right after we passed thru immigration, we immediately changed from money into HKD, bought Octopus cards, our day pass for Ngong Ping cable car and Disneyland c/o China Travel Service (CTS).

After that, we immediately headed out to the bus terminal to catch a ride that will bring us to Citygate Outlets where the cable car ride to Ngong Ping is just steps away.

Discounted shopping awaits those who pass by this mall:

But first, LUNCH at Food Republiq:

C & B ordered this chili chicken dish...

While I got this (can't remember what it's called but was A-ok!):

We left our baggages are the baggage locker room at the basement of the mall and then went straight ahead looking for the cable car for Ngong Ping:

The cable car to Ngong Ping Village:

It was a fantastic view!!!

When we got to the village - we decided to try to walk closer towards the Giant Buddha.

...ran into some monks along the way.

Had some picture-taking with the bubble machines...

This was the closest our feet could get us to the Giant Buddha.

And the closest my camera could zoom:

After an hour or so, it was time to head back to Tung Chung and Citygate Outlet mall:

From Tung Chung MTR Station, we went to the Sunny Bay station to take the Disneyland Resort Line so we can get to the Happiest Place on Earth ----Disneyland!

Our first picture taken at Disney:

After some photo ops at the entrance, we headed towards the terminal to get a free shuttle bus ride to our hotel. This was taken after we were able to eat some snacks and freshen up a little:

Welcome to Disney!

Disney was in Halloween Theme that time.

We never would want to miss that photo ops with Minnie...(sadly, Mickey was not around during the photo sessions).

And then photo ops with Donald Duck!

Indeed, Disneyland really looks magical:

We went to see the Halloween parade and waited around some more to view the fireworks.

The fireworks show did not disappoint. But our feet did. Hahahaha!

More to follow on the next post!

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Photo: HK Trip: October 20-23, 2011

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