Monday, March 31, 2008

Word's Out

I've been postponing writing about THIS for quite a long time, not just because I was busy but because I wanted the news to come out first within the family.

Anyway, word's finally out that the important wedding that I'm attending this May that is so close to home is actually my own Dad's wedding. Three years after losing my Mom, he has decided to plunge into married bliss once again, errr...for the second time in his life. My Dad's turning 62 this May. His bride-to-be is my baptismal godmother (she's 63). Talk about a senior citizen's wedding. :-)

Anyway, to Tatay and Ninang --- stay as groovy as you both are. I'm happy if you are happy. start with the DIET! LOL.

Cool Down With This!

Can you feel the heat of the summer? It's so hot outside that the aircon at work seems not enough.

Our solution ~~~

My wacky officemates are holding IT!

Here's Sha and moi (uy, straight hair at feeling model! ^-^)

~~~Razon's Halo-halo!


Bonus Treat

Feeling a little richer last week, I took the liberty of treating myself and some special people for dinner & lunch out as a celebration for the bonus which I received earlier last week.

First, I treated my Hunny for dinner in Friday's Serendra during our weekly date.

We weren't so pleased with the food and service in this particular Friday's branch. The food arrived around 30 minutes after we ordered and it tasted rather bland for my taste.

Anyway, at least I had a great time being with my dear husband. If not for that...

Next was my treat for my officemates at Conti's.

While we did wait for a good 30 minutes before we were seated, the food was definitely worth the wait. I really realy love Conti's (whether or not I know Angie, one of the Conti sisters). Already thinking of booking them again for Zoe's 2nd birthday party this September. We got them to cater before for Zoe's baptismal party and it was so patok.

Wishing it's bonus day everyday!

Nikka's Birthday Party

After several days of fever and rashes, I was glad that Zoe was well enough to attend Nikka's 4th birthday party at Max's in Scout Tuazon last Saturday. Nikka is the daughter of my good friends Fred and Pat. Their eldest, Gerard, is my godson.

The party was a fashionista party. :-) So for the party, I decided to buy Zoe a new t-shirt from Gingersnaps to have a sorta fashionista look.

They gave away nice furry headbands to the little girls and pins for the boys.

Here are some of Zoe's pics.

Looking a little grumpy.

Starting to enjoy the party now.

The party had 3 puppet shows (Dora, Cars and Beauty and the Beast) and some games. Just couldn't remember now the name of the party host but overall, Zoe seemed to have enjoyed it.

After the party, we were able to bring home 2 pink balloons and 1 kikay loot bag which contains candies and beauty-related toys. :-)

Bond. ReBond.

I've decided to cancel all our foreign trips this year and just use my profit sharing bonus to give myself a new look yesterday.

LOL. Just joking.

Anyway, the gay guy who did my brand new rebonded hair is still alive...well, so far. And excuse me, hindi ko lang ishinampoo yan ha.

I will share pics once I get the courage to pose for the cam. Hahahah.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Nanay's Anniversary in Heaven

Just a quick post...

Today's my mom's 3rd death anniversary. Asking friends who pass by this blog to say a li'l prayer for her soul. My Nanay's name is Violeta.

Thanks! Thanks!

Really appreciate it.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's Bonus Time

Thank God for profit-sharing! After labouring over this project for a good 2 months, I've finally finished everything (well, almost) and received my bonus today.

Now, what can I buy with all that money? Hihihi!

On second thought, I think I'll just save it up for a possible trip abroad (aka second honeymoon) this year. :-) Our target month is June with hopes of a second baby by May or June next year (or even earlier depending on God's plan).

About Zoe naman, she's been having fever since yesterday due (I think) to a molar tooth that is erupting. Can't wait for her to grow most of her teeth so that she can learn to talk straight na. She getting bigger and bigger by the week. Plus, she's been so entertaining to watch. She mimicks me while singing during Sunday mass! She opens her mouth ala-operatic style but no voice comes out. Hugitin mo voice mo from the diaphragm anak. LOL!

And her favorite word for the week: FISH! Yep, she loves feeding our fish in the mini-pond in the garden! I could even see in her eyes that she wants to jump in with the fish na. Haha. Wait till we go to the Manila Ocean Park. She'll be shouting 'FISH, FISH, FISH!!!' when she sees all the fish there!

Meantime, more stories on the homefront here. Pls. include my other site in your blogroll!

Thanks, ciao bellas!


I recently invited my friends / barkada to have lunch at home. Carla just came back from Iloilo, Lala arrived fresh from Japan while Cleo is a balikbayan from London. We've been friends for almost 11 years and counting.

It was a fun day, girls.

Sana we'll always be complete like this. :-)

"Friends are such a treasure."

More on Me Tag

My friend Tet gave me this tag. Thanks sis.

I AM... a wife, a mom, a sister, a daughter of my parents and of God.

I WANT... a new job?

I HAVE… a great great family.

I WISH… for unity in the world.

I HATE… sin.

I FEAR… death.

I SEARCH… for solutions to be debt-free!

I WONDER… if we can get a US visa soon.

I LOVE… God and my family.


I AM NOT… not inlove. (wala na akong masagot)

I DANCE… papaya!

I SING… quite well.

I CRY… when I remember sad things.

I WRITE… in my blog.

I WON… 2 Josh Groban concert tickets last October! T'was worth 20k each.

I AM CONFUSED… about something at work.

I SHOULD… exercise (sayang gym membership).


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Technorati Authority

Thanks to Jacqui and Pat for tagging me on this...

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Now I'm tagging online friends Arlene, Hailey, and Jannesse!

It's Time To Lend A Helping Hand

After much reflection and prayer during the Lenten Season, one of the things we can do is to resolve to offer small acts of service and good deeds for others. Jesus has offered us His very life and we, as His followers, should try to live by His example.

Doing some kind of service for the others not only benefits the one receiving the kind act but also the person himself. It doesn't have to be something big or fantastic. On the contrary, it can just be a small sacrifice or mortification. It could be giving up a material thing to help the others who would need it more, offering your time to someone who needs assistance, doing a good deed for a brother or sister without them knowing it (tidy up their beds when they are rushing to go to school or to work), smiling to a loved one to lift up their spirits, keeping your opinion to yourself and trying to understand more the others, telling your husband you love him and giving him a hug at the most unexpected moment.

As I have been trying myself to deny myself more to serve others, I also want to do something more tangible and pro-active. I've learned from web surfing that you could actually your extras to help others. For example, you can donate a boat and send the cost of your donation to a specific charitable organization. With the earnings from boat donations, you can help less fortunate kids, orphans, single mothers and the like. You can even benefit from giving away your boat or car or RV because you can actually get a tax deduction and at the same time, get rid of the headache that the all the space that boat or car is taking up. So if you have any boat to donate, I think this Easter time is the best time to do so.

Let's try to help others in our own little way, okay?

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bacteria --- BacK-To-Reality

After greeting everyone a happy Easter, I just realized that it's back to work again on Monday. Arrrrgh! Why did this vacation end so fast? I haven't even snagged some time to do some of my pending to-do's here at home.

1. Clean up cabinet.
2. Fix family files in respective folders.
3. Organize digital pics for developing.
4. Shine office shoes.
5. Clean up mess in the family room.
6. Make inventory of kitchen pantry. Etc. etc. etc.

And to think I even brought home some paper work for the office. Feeling lang magagawa. Duh.

My cousins will be coming over this afternoon to celebrate with us Easter and my Nanay's 3rd death anniversary so I guess it's next to impossible for me to still sneak in a thing or two of those chores.

Anyway, on the more positive side, at least Zoe had a blast with having me around for 4 days straight. I also got to pray more and attend the services for Holy Week. Plus, I also was able to visit my mom in the cemetery. God and family first right? That's what really counts. :-)

Happy Happy Easter!

Just want to write a quick note to greet everyone a happy Easter!

Wishing all mommy bloggers and other blogger friends happiness, a renewed sense of hope and more opppssss! :-) LOL.

God bless you all!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Pope Meets with Young University Students

The Holy Father yearly meets with young people during the UNIV Congress which is held during Holy Week in Rome.

Taken from the UNIV website - "UNIV is an international gathering of university students, which since 1968 the Institute for University Cooperation (ICU) sponsors in Rome. Each year, several thousand students spend Holy Week in Rome, profiting from the cultural and historical riches that the Eternal City has to offer. Throughout the week, ICU provides students with various cultural encounters, conferences, roundtables, showrooms and concerts. all of these activities are occasions to delve more deeply into important matters relevant to the university, highlighting particularly the spirit of service towards those who are most in need."

This year, the UNIV 2008 (Rome,15-23 March 2008) has the theme - "Being, Appearing, and Communicating: Entertainment and Happiness in a Multi-Medial Society."

I am proud to say that I was part of this UNIV Congress 11 years ago and still have a wonderful feeling when I remember those days which we spent very close and united with the Holy Father, then Pope John Paul II. This is still by far the best Holy Week and Easter celebration I've had in my entire life.

During my time, I was one of those who gave a speech about the paper of my UP group which won as one of two best papers in the National UNIV Conference. It was nerve-wracking since I've never really given out a speech infront of so many people before. Anyway, as in every year, we were also privileged to have cultural get-togethers with the Pope himself. On top of that, we explored Rome and learned more about the history of the Church. We were also fortunate to attend all the services like the Palm Sunday mass and Easter Vigil Mass in St. Peter's.

It is really a wonderful experience to meet the Pope and different young people from all walks of life. I wish that Zoe and my future kids will get to experience the same UNIV week like I did. Viva Il Papa!

For more info, click here.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Be Beautiful

When one speaks of personal beauty, one would think either of inner beauty or outer beauty. Inner beauty is one that we cannot see but can feel. It is about the beauty or amiability of spirit. Outer beauty, on the other hand, is usually connected with pleasing facial and bodily features.

Outer beauty is rather a complicated issue. Across different cultures, the meaning of outer beauty usually varies. In some places, being fair-skinned and slim is the standard for beauty. On the contrary, in other countries, having olive-colored skin and a voluptuous body are depicted as more attractive compared to those who do not possess those qualities.

As humans, the initial thing that people look at is the outer appearance. Thus, trying to live up to that external standard of physical beauty is very hard for some and can take a toll on individuals. Although daily personal hygiene and cleansing can lead to a respectable appearance, sometimes, these are not enough. On top of that, there are many factors and hindrances in having outer beauty such as birth defects, bruises, scars, and excessive weight due to aging, pregnancy or other hormonal imbalances.

For those who are constantly challenged to keep themselves up to par with the standard of beauty as depicted by society, it is not surprising if one of their quick options is to consider plastic or cosmetic surgery. Many times, the pressure is so strong that they decide to take advantage of the latest technology to enhance their outer beauty.

For these kinds of people, it would be very helpful if they check out first a plastic surgery blog to know more about the pros and cons of undergoing a beauty operation. Perhaps some kind of cosmetic surgery blog will help them be more informed and at the same time more familiar with what are the better choices for them. Before making any decision, person must also be updated with plastic surgery news.

Whether or not one comes to a decision to undergo surgery for the sake of beauty, we must keep in mind that we should be beautiful not just because we want to please others but because we want to feel good about ourselves.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Feeling very united with the Pope especially this Holy Week...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Career in IT

As many of you may not know, I have a cousin, Francis, who is living with us since he was 3 years old. We already consider him as our true brother since he was raised by my parents as their own. He's now 14 years old and in just 2 years, he is going to college. He asked me the other day which type of course is good for him when he graduates from high school. I told him that he could get a technical course that consists of it training since that is very much in demand these days.

At present, information technology plays a very important role in most people's lives. We rely on the help of the computer to do our daily activities. Thus, more and more jobs and careers are available that are IT-related because of the big impact of information technology. Those people who are interested to learn how to develop new software for different purposes can study in tech schools for a future career in IT. In a good technical school, you can learn the ropes in IT and be one of the best IT professionals today.

It's Summer!

It's summer time! Hope I can bring Zoe again to any nice pool for a wonderful dip in the cool water. Her Chicco bathing suit would already fit just right this time.

Taken during our family summer outing last year:


Any suggestions?

Love Cooking?

I love to cook. My love for cooking started from my early days when my mom would teach me a thing or two in the kitchen. Later on, during my high school days, I was very interested in our home economics class that I almost enrolled myself in a culinary school and take up a Home Economics degree. However, it was not meant to be. Instead of home economics, I ended up taking up Economics which is a totally different course. But even though I was not bound to be chef, my interest for cooking has never faded.

If you are inclined on seriously studying the art of cooking, I would suggest you look for the best chef school available. There are a number of really good culinary schools which offer the best training and hands-on experience which can develop your skills in cooking. After studying, you may never know, you just might be the next Wolfgang Puck or something.

Awards from Nol

Yahoo!!! Got new awards from Nol. Thanks sis! Tips naman about HK. I've been aching to go there.

Passing these awards to some new online friends - Marvy, Andrea and Tracy.

Hope to see you here more often. Cheers! :-)

Monday, March 17, 2008

How My Hubby Makes Me Happy

Hubby simply knows how to make me feel better --- what else but by treating me out to dinner!

Dinner was just in Teriyaki Boy. Nothing fancy really but any place is okay when I'm with my hubby.

Here's some pics of our food we had during our dinner date last week. I won't be posting pics of myself coz after 15 hours of working straight, I don't think I can manage to look good for the cam. LOL

Hot Miso Soup:

Some tuna sashimi:

Yummy Cali Maki:

Tonkatsu for Moi:

Teriyaki Chicken Don for Him:

Aside from the good and fast service, another great thing about Teriyaki Boy in Makati Ave is that it's still open even at 10:30 p.m.

I'm looking forward to our next date, Hun. It's gonna be my treat next time. :-)

Choosing the Right Fashion School

Many famous fashion designers are not an overnight success. They don't just rely on pure luck or genius to make it big in the fashion industry. Just like in any career, one needs to study and develop the art and craft of the business. In the fashion and design business, an aspirant should be able to enhance his skills with proper training and knowledge.

To accomplish this, I recommend that one does the right research on which school can develop your talent and make your dream to be a stylist or designer come true. There are several fashion schools in california which offer the best training for students who want to study art and design. In particular, some fashion schools in los angeles offer good programs and associate degrees that can immediately land you a job in the fashion industry. So take your chance now and enroll in any fashion school in california and make your dreams a reality.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Memories and Palm Sunday

I went to attend the anticipated mass today and a pastoral letter from Archbishop Rosales was read during the homily. While the priest was reading through the letter, I suddenly remembered how painful my past Holy Week was 3 years ago.

My mom was sick and after several days of confinement, the doctor decided to bring her in the ICU. We, including my mom, were so so scared. Aside from the fact that we felt we were left in the dark about her true condition by her doctor (that's why I never returned to Medical City), I was so afraid of losing my mom. It was Palm Sunday when she was brought in. She kept saying to us --"Don't leave me -- I might not wake up anymore." Her condition grew worse as the Holy Week passed by one day at a time. On Good Friday, at 3pm, while I was praying since that was the time of Our Lord's death on the cross, there was a call from the doctors for us to enter my mom's room. The hard part was, I was only with my Tita Jo at that time. My dad was at home getting some things while my sister was in the church hoping to attend the services there. As my tita and I rushed towards the guarded entrance of the ICU, I saw there standing the chaplain of the hospital. I thought to myself that at 3pm isn't he supposed to be in the chapel for the vigil? Why was he there too?

What I saw next was a sight I would never ever forget. When we got to where my mom was, the priest also headed straight to her and blessed her. My mom's blood pressure dived and at that very minute the doctors were trying to revive her. The monitor was showing a flat line and she looked gray and dead already. But the doctors tried and tried to bring her back. You can just imagine how I felt. I felt that God was playing a trick on me. I was shouting, I was crying, I was praying. I whispered to my mom's ear -- Jesus, Mary and Joseph, assist me in my last suffering...It was so hard on my part.

I called up my dad and sister and they rushed to the hospital. My mom was clinically dead already but miraculously, the doctors got a pulse after 25 minutes. After they got her heartbeat back, that was the time that my family arrived. My mom got back her color but never regained consciousness.

I believe that there was a reason why God allowed me to be there to witness the pains of my dying mother. I want to think that God made me experience that to make me stronger and braver. And God couldn't have picked a better time to bring unto Himself my mom --- 3pm just like Jesus -- when graces are pouring mightly from the heavens to the whole of the earth.

Nanay, after much struggle and pain, eventually passed away the next day just after when I had prayed the Angelus at 12 noon. Since the Angelus was a prayer about Mama Mary and the incarnation, it made me feel as if it was Our Lady who brought my mom to God.

We decided then to have the wake at home. Our house was newly-constructed and my mom lived there for only 2.5 months. Her body arrived home exactly at 12 midnight of Easter morning. Doesn't the church celebrate the Salubong (the meeting of the Madre Dolorosa and the resurrected Christ) at 12 midnight too? Really, the timing couldn't be any better.

Oh I miss my mom. Sob.

Not Happy

Have you seen Anne C's new billboard in Edsa near Makati? Hubby even called me up to tell me about it. It seems that I won't be happy daw when I do see it. Fired up, fired up, fired up...

I'm now thinking if we can pass some other route on our way to the office so I won't be so critical every single day...

Maybe that'll work.

Glad To Accept These Awards

On a lighter note, let me just make mention of the awards I received last week from Em. Thank you so much girl. I just wish the card can really be used for shopping! :-)

Here are the rest of the awards:

Passing this on to more online friends Nikki, Pat, Agnes and Vannie.


My patience is really being put to the test these days. Have you ever experienced that level of bickering before which makes you just want to cry and shout? HAAAYYYYYY.

Hoping that it'll stop soon. After all, it'll be Easter soon.

Interested in Cosmetic Surgery

I have a friend from the office who recently gave birth. When she returned to work after her maternity leave, I was pretty amazed on how she didn't look any different from when she was still single. Her tummy was as flat as ever and her body slim and attractive. I thought for a moment that it was because her genes that made her come back to her old size even after giving birth even without trying. But I later found out that right after she gave birth through CS operation, she also arranged for a los angeles tummy tuck. Wow, I didn't know that was possible.

I must admit that I used to be very ignorant of the latest technological and medical procedures when it comes to plastic or cosmetic surgery. My only source of first-hand information was from the stories of my doctor-friend who took her specialization in head and neck surgery. At first, she only had a clinic in PGH. After a while, she landed on a course in Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. When she came back to the country, she became a highly-sought after doctor in the head and neck surgery area. Now from here and aboard, she performs very complicated and serious operations in that area (especially for those who have cancer). On top of that, she also could do very good aesthetic operations like nose jobs and face lifts. She also has various clients who are in the entertainment business, particularly singers and voice talents who need some throat remedy or operation.

Thus, in my quest to know more about this interesting topic, I encountered in my web surfing this plastic surgery blog as well as this cosmetic surgery blog a which are both very informative and educational. Click on these links if you want to know more about cosmetic or plastic surgery like I do.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's Been A Tough Week

I've been feeling like a contradiction the whole week long.

I love my job, I hate my job.
I want to look good, I hate to put on make up, comb my hair, etc. etc.
I want to lose weight, I love to eat (errr... I love to eat a lot).
I want to be patient, I flare up with the slightest sight of *secret*.
I want to be to go shopping, I have no money for it.
I want to go home early, I stay till past 10pm in the office everyday this week...ggrrrr.
I love bonuses, I hate bonuses.
I love salary increase, I hate taxes.
I love to wake up in the morning, I hate to leave for work.

I want to go home (hmmm....did I say that already?)...but I need to finish my work.

Hubby's been waiting downstairs for some time already while I finish my work and this post. So I've finally decided to do what I want. Now I'm going more work and no more blogging for today.

Time check: 9:15 p.m. wo-hooo early...LOL.

Sign Up with Smorty

My Dad, ever since, has been into writing and publishing books. He has authored several school text books on Filipino (language and literature) for immediate and secondary levels. Actually, he is now in the process of finishing another set of books.

I've seen how satisfying it is to write and at the same time, get paid for doing what you love. Deep inside, I also want to explore that side of business and follow the steps of my Dad. But with my line of work, there seems to be no opportunity for me to write for a publisher, lest get paid big bucks for doing so. However, this year, things have changed a bit. I've discovered a new hobby and I'm now very happy to be writing too, like my Dad, but this time for the world wide web on my personal blog. It's a sort of dream come true, really.

One of the better sites to get into blog advertising is Smorty. I've heard very good feedback from friends about Smorty. Many of them blog for money and have been compensated handsomely. I, personally, having signed up with them recently, have tested the reliability of their service. So if you have a dream to write and want to get paid for blogging, sign up with Smorty now.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Good Night Moon and Then Some...

...and then some teeth marks...

Zoe has learned the art of book-biting. LOL.

Notice the bite marks on the upper right hand of the book.

Undeniably this is Zoe's favorite book to read. :-)

Good thing I still have an extra copy of this book inside the hard-bound Harper Collins' Treasury of Picture Book Classics which was given to me by my friend Lala.

I think I'll hide this one in the cabinet first before she starts to be book-hungry again. :-)

My New Lunch Box

Thought I'd distract myself for a minute after working in the office for 11 long hours...

Here's my new lunch box which I bought from Duty Free last Saturday. It's so cute -- looks like a vanity kit...

Makes me look forward more to my home-made baon daily.

Wala lang...

Girlfriends Get Together

My childhood friends and I trooped to Serendra on Sunday evening for some bonding moments since Cleo just came back from abroad.

These girls have been my friends for the longest time. Being neighbors, we all grew up together. They were the ones who were always present during my childhood birthdays (even up to now actually). I even have proof that Cristy (outer left) was in my 1st birthday party! :-) That's how long we've been friends. :-)

Having grown up together, we understand each other pretty well. When you look at us, it may seem that we really don't have much in common now. But what's common to us really are our friendship and childhood memories. We talked about anything under the sun -- the latest chika in the neighborhood, old boyfriends, the games we used to play, our past cat-fights, our families, daily struggles, fashion finds. etc. etc.

Thus, dinner together would mean a lot of fun, a lot of laughs and a lot of reminiscing of our good ol' childhood days.

Admittedly, aside from my parents, I owe it to them too why I have had a really good childhood. I wish Zoe will have good friends like them and a good childhood just like I did.

Here are the stuff we feasted on, btw:

Ate at Clawdaddy's and Cupcakes by Sonja:

Yummy seafood platter:

Clam fettucine pasta:

Another pasta:

Delectable babyback ribs:

Cupcakes' cutie door and signage:

Gigi bought me a hot mocha...

...and THIS!


Thanks guys. Till next time!

Usapang Asawa (Snagged from Nikki)

Really really stressed out at work. I thought this might help ease the stress. Thanks Nikki!

How long did you date? as friends - 1 year, as bf/gf - 7 years

How old is he? 35 (Kuya!)

Who eats more? Him. More rice than me but less ulam than me.

Who said “I love you” first? Sya, of course.

Who is taller? Him, by 4 inches.

Who sings better? Meeh! Definitely! :-)

Who is smarter? We're both smart! LOL. But he's more street smart than me.

Whose temper is worse? I think him. That's why we didn't marry right away. Nag-anger management course muna sya. Hahaha!

Who does the laundry? the labandera

Who does the dishes? Ate Nilda, our ever trusted help at home.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Meeh coz Zoe's crib is at the right side too.

Who pays the bills? My Dad? LOL. We share the bills at home.

Who mows the lawn? Francis, my brother.

Who cooks dinner? Ate Nilda again.

Who drives when you are together? Him. I don't like driving anymore since I bumped a car in Megamall a few years back.

Who is more stubborn? Meeh, meeh, meeh. Admittedly.

Who kissed who first? He did but asked for permission first:-)

Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? Madalas ako.

Whose parents do you see the most? We live with my Dad so obviously...

Who proposed? Him. But funny coz we already booked the church and caterer before he actually popped the question and gave me a ring. It was still romantic anyway.

Who is more sensitive? Meeh.

Who has more friends? I really don't know. Basta he's more sociable than I am.

Who has more siblings? Definitely him. They're 7 in all. I only have 1 sister.

Who wears the pants in the family? Always been him.

Enjoyed this! Thanks!
p.s. Btw, thanks too to Jacqui for tagging me on this...

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Plastic Surgeries

As the adage goes, "Beauty is skin-deep". And alas, many do prefer to go deep through their skins to look beautiful. By getting some plastic surgeries, that is.

In Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery, there are high caliber doctors like founding plastic surgeon Dr. Lloyd Krieger who can aid people who are interested and qualified to go under the knife for purposes of improving and enhancing their physical beauties. They offer various procedures in their famous clinics in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles.

For those who have ugly fat tissues near the stomach area due to pregnancy, weight gain or aging, a tummy tuck can be done to remove that. For those whose arm muscles are loose, sagging and flabby, maybe a liposuction is the answer. And for those who want to improve the size of their chest area, breast augmentation may be performed.

But of course, going through surgery is serious business. So if ever you decide to undergo plastic surgery, you have to be sure, determined and qualified. Moreover, you should be careful so that you only go to doctors who have a good reputation and are certified members of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. So discuss your options and the recommendations of your doctors from Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery. They will talk to you about the best techniques that are appropriate for your situation, body, health and age. They will talk to you about the different procedures available, how each one goes and what are the benefits that you can gain by going through one.

So, are you willing to go through plastic surgery? If you ask me, I, myself, am afraid to get that much sought-after beauty operation because I feel that any major operation as risky. However, with the assurance of the latest technology and best experienced doctors available, maybe I will consider.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Wordless Wednesday on a Thursday

A Short Trip to Paete, Laguna

My Dad (kahit short notice lang) asked us to accompany him to a short trip to Paete. He just wanted to see how the wooden cross that he ordered for our village chapel looks like na.

So on Saturday morning, we drove to Paete.

It was a wonderful ride going there. The sky was overcast and the weather great! We were there by 12:30 pm and decided to have lunch first at the famous EXOTIK restaurant.

Here's what we ordered. Take note that we didn't order anything exotic really (compared to frogs, sawa, stingrays and the like). But the food tastes good naman.

We just had ampalaya con karne, bulalo, fried maliputo, plus mais con yelo (in a bao) for dessert!

After lunch, we headed to the Paete town proper and then straight to the shop of the wood carver that was commissioned by my Dad to do the altar piece for our chapel.

Love this red paper-mache horse:

A statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe that's bigger than life!

Talk about Marian devotions...

Marilyn Monroe with all those Mama Mary statues...kinda weird, ain't?

The town is so quiet and I love it there. Plus the woodcarvers' works are great!!!

We went home that afternoon with some pasalubong for Zoe. Lookie here. The little girl loves it!

A pink wooden Strawberry Shortcake chair!

Looking forward to having another of those out of town trips soon! Love it.

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