Monday, March 31, 2008

Word's Out

I've been postponing writing about THIS for quite a long time, not just because I was busy but because I wanted the news to come out first within the family.

Anyway, word's finally out that the important wedding that I'm attending this May that is so close to home is actually my own Dad's wedding. Three years after losing my Mom, he has decided to plunge into married bliss once again, errr...for the second time in his life. My Dad's turning 62 this May. His bride-to-be is my baptismal godmother (she's 63). Talk about a senior citizen's wedding. :-)

Anyway, to Tatay and Ninang --- stay as groovy as you both are. I'm happy if you are happy. start with the DIET! LOL.

2 insights:

Vanniedosa said...

wow. amazing. love knows no age talaga.. best wishes to both ^_^

shopaholictiestheknot said...

wow! That's great! wishing them all the best (in advance)!

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