Monday, July 28, 2008

Health is Wealth

Health is definitely wealth. It may sound like an old saying but it's true. We've already lost some relatives and friends to cancer and how I wish I could have helped them avoid getting sick or at least to helped them to feel better and get well during those grueling days and months of sickness.

One of the bad encounters we've had with cancer was the case of my dear grandmother. I still remember the time my grandmother arrived from the province. I had just seen her a few weeks before that and she was somewhat feeling weak already because of something we didn't know about yet. I guess she couldn't take the pain anymore her so she decided to come to us to get further medical treatment from the doctors here in the city. We immediately had her checked by the doctor and prayed for her to get well. If I had know about alternative cancer treatments, I would have suggested to my family going to an alternative cancer center where my grandma could undergo an alternative cancer treatment relative to her sickness. It may have worked for all you know. She had liver cancer, you see. And it's a sad, sad story since she succumbed to her sickness only a month about her diagnosis. She didn't live to celebrate Christmas that year and it was the saddest Christmas for my family.

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