Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Pope Meets with Young University Students

The Holy Father yearly meets with young people during the UNIV Congress which is held during Holy Week in Rome.

Taken from the UNIV website - "UNIV is an international gathering of university students, which since 1968 the Institute for University Cooperation (ICU) sponsors in Rome. Each year, several thousand students spend Holy Week in Rome, profiting from the cultural and historical riches that the Eternal City has to offer. Throughout the week, ICU provides students with various cultural encounters, conferences, roundtables, showrooms and concerts. all of these activities are occasions to delve more deeply into important matters relevant to the university, highlighting particularly the spirit of service towards those who are most in need."

This year, the UNIV 2008 (Rome,15-23 March 2008) has the theme - "Being, Appearing, and Communicating: Entertainment and Happiness in a Multi-Medial Society."

I am proud to say that I was part of this UNIV Congress 11 years ago and still have a wonderful feeling when I remember those days which we spent very close and united with the Holy Father, then Pope John Paul II. This is still by far the best Holy Week and Easter celebration I've had in my entire life.

During my time, I was one of those who gave a speech about the paper of my UP group which won as one of two best papers in the National UNIV Conference. It was nerve-wracking since I've never really given out a speech infront of so many people before. Anyway, as in every year, we were also privileged to have cultural get-togethers with the Pope himself. On top of that, we explored Rome and learned more about the history of the Church. We were also fortunate to attend all the services like the Palm Sunday mass and Easter Vigil Mass in St. Peter's.

It is really a wonderful experience to meet the Pope and different young people from all walks of life. I wish that Zoe and my future kids will get to experience the same UNIV week like I did. Viva Il Papa!

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