Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sign Up with Smorty

My Dad, ever since, has been into writing and publishing books. He has authored several school text books on Filipino (language and literature) for immediate and secondary levels. Actually, he is now in the process of finishing another set of books.

I've seen how satisfying it is to write and at the same time, get paid for doing what you love. Deep inside, I also want to explore that side of business and follow the steps of my Dad. But with my line of work, there seems to be no opportunity for me to write for a publisher, lest get paid big bucks for doing so. However, this year, things have changed a bit. I've discovered a new hobby and I'm now very happy to be writing too, like my Dad, but this time for the world wide web on my personal blog. It's a sort of dream come true, really.

One of the better sites to get into blog advertising is Smorty. I've heard very good feedback from friends about Smorty. Many of them blog for money and have been compensated handsomely. I, personally, having signed up with them recently, have tested the reliability of their service. So if you have a dream to write and want to get paid for blogging, sign up with Smorty now.

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