Monday, March 10, 2008

Good Night Moon and Then Some...

...and then some teeth marks...

Zoe has learned the art of book-biting. LOL.

Notice the bite marks on the upper right hand of the book.

Undeniably this is Zoe's favorite book to read. :-)

Good thing I still have an extra copy of this book inside the hard-bound Harper Collins' Treasury of Picture Book Classics which was given to me by my friend Lala.

I think I'll hide this one in the cabinet first before she starts to be book-hungry again. :-)

2 insights:

Beibi said...

wow! I've seen GoodNight Moon from a Pregnancy Discovrery special. Glad you have one of the copy.

Jenny said...

Belle also likes Good Night Moon. I taught her how to put her finger in front of her lips and say "Hush".

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