Monday, March 31, 2008

Nikka's Birthday Party

After several days of fever and rashes, I was glad that Zoe was well enough to attend Nikka's 4th birthday party at Max's in Scout Tuazon last Saturday. Nikka is the daughter of my good friends Fred and Pat. Their eldest, Gerard, is my godson.

The party was a fashionista party. :-) So for the party, I decided to buy Zoe a new t-shirt from Gingersnaps to have a sorta fashionista look.

They gave away nice furry headbands to the little girls and pins for the boys.

Here are some of Zoe's pics.

Looking a little grumpy.

Starting to enjoy the party now.

The party had 3 puppet shows (Dora, Cars and Beauty and the Beast) and some games. Just couldn't remember now the name of the party host but overall, Zoe seemed to have enjoyed it.

After the party, we were able to bring home 2 pink balloons and 1 kikay loot bag which contains candies and beauty-related toys. :-)

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Beibi said...

cute ni Zoe noh, I watched No Reservations and the name of a little girl is Zoe, and her name means LIFE. Wow, so meaningful...

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