Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Short Trip to Paete, Laguna

My Dad (kahit short notice lang) asked us to accompany him to a short trip to Paete. He just wanted to see how the wooden cross that he ordered for our village chapel looks like na.

So on Saturday morning, we drove to Paete.

It was a wonderful ride going there. The sky was overcast and the weather great! We were there by 12:30 pm and decided to have lunch first at the famous EXOTIK restaurant.

Here's what we ordered. Take note that we didn't order anything exotic really (compared to frogs, sawa, stingrays and the like). But the food tastes good naman.

We just had ampalaya con karne, bulalo, fried maliputo, plus mais con yelo (in a bao) for dessert!

After lunch, we headed to the Paete town proper and then straight to the shop of the wood carver that was commissioned by my Dad to do the altar piece for our chapel.

Love this red paper-mache horse:

A statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe that's bigger than life!

Talk about Marian devotions...

Marilyn Monroe with all those Mama Mary statues...kinda weird, ain't?

The town is so quiet and I love it there. Plus the woodcarvers' works are great!!!

We went home that afternoon with some pasalubong for Zoe. Lookie here. The little girl loves it!

A pink wooden Strawberry Shortcake chair!

Looking forward to having another of those out of town trips soon! Love it.

4 insights:

Vannie said...

wow super cute ung chair ha :) zoe looks like she loves it!

alpha said...

we ate at exotik na din a few times. i didn't eat anything exotik din hehe.. dati madami silang exotic foods talaga pero ngayon di na masyado kasi bawal na daw..

btw, super cute ng smile ni zoe. type na type nya yung chair nya :D

Beibi said...

nice naman ng chair, looks like Zoe enjoyed it very much!

Anonymous said...


just visited your blog... so nice.. do you have the name and contact number of the place where your dad ordered the cross? We're interested sana na magpagawa ng statue. Thanks!


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