Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bacteria --- BacK-To-Reality

After greeting everyone a happy Easter, I just realized that it's back to work again on Monday. Arrrrgh! Why did this vacation end so fast? I haven't even snagged some time to do some of my pending to-do's here at home.

1. Clean up cabinet.
2. Fix family files in respective folders.
3. Organize digital pics for developing.
4. Shine office shoes.
5. Clean up mess in the family room.
6. Make inventory of kitchen pantry. Etc. etc. etc.

And to think I even brought home some paper work for the office. Feeling lang magagawa. Duh.

My cousins will be coming over this afternoon to celebrate with us Easter and my Nanay's 3rd death anniversary so I guess it's next to impossible for me to still sneak in a thing or two of those chores.

Anyway, on the more positive side, at least Zoe had a blast with having me around for 4 days straight. I also got to pray more and attend the services for Holy Week. Plus, I also was able to visit my mom in the cemetery. God and family first right? That's what really counts. :-)

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Arlene Tabamo said...

hay sis! same tayo.. ayoko pa pumasok sa work tom.. i am still in vacation mode! anyway, happy easter!

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