Monday, March 10, 2008

Girlfriends Get Together

My childhood friends and I trooped to Serendra on Sunday evening for some bonding moments since Cleo just came back from abroad.

These girls have been my friends for the longest time. Being neighbors, we all grew up together. They were the ones who were always present during my childhood birthdays (even up to now actually). I even have proof that Cristy (outer left) was in my 1st birthday party! :-) That's how long we've been friends. :-)

Having grown up together, we understand each other pretty well. When you look at us, it may seem that we really don't have much in common now. But what's common to us really are our friendship and childhood memories. We talked about anything under the sun -- the latest chika in the neighborhood, old boyfriends, the games we used to play, our past cat-fights, our families, daily struggles, fashion finds. etc. etc.

Thus, dinner together would mean a lot of fun, a lot of laughs and a lot of reminiscing of our good ol' childhood days.

Admittedly, aside from my parents, I owe it to them too why I have had a really good childhood. I wish Zoe will have good friends like them and a good childhood just like I did.

Here are the stuff we feasted on, btw:

Ate at Clawdaddy's and Cupcakes by Sonja:

Yummy seafood platter:

Clam fettucine pasta:

Another pasta:

Delectable babyback ribs:

Cupcakes' cutie door and signage:

Gigi bought me a hot mocha...

...and THIS!


Thanks guys. Till next time!

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Happymommi said...

yehey, sarap ng food entry kakagutom :)

Happymommi said...

cupcake cupcake cupcake :)

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