Monday, March 17, 2008

How My Hubby Makes Me Happy

Hubby simply knows how to make me feel better --- what else but by treating me out to dinner!

Dinner was just in Teriyaki Boy. Nothing fancy really but any place is okay when I'm with my hubby.

Here's some pics of our food we had during our dinner date last week. I won't be posting pics of myself coz after 15 hours of working straight, I don't think I can manage to look good for the cam. LOL

Hot Miso Soup:

Some tuna sashimi:

Yummy Cali Maki:

Tonkatsu for Moi:

Teriyaki Chicken Don for Him:

Aside from the good and fast service, another great thing about Teriyaki Boy in Makati Ave is that it's still open even at 10:30 p.m.

I'm looking forward to our next date, Hun. It's gonna be my treat next time. :-)

2 insights:

Tinggay said...

OMG vina nainggit naman ako sa kinain niyo! shoot, how many months pa until i can eat sashimi again!!!

Beibi said...

Wow ang dami ang saya!

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