Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It's Summer!

It's summer time! Hope I can bring Zoe again to any nice pool for a wonderful dip in the cool water. Her Chicco bathing suit would already fit just right this time.

Taken during our family summer outing last year:


Any suggestions?

4 insights:

Vannie said...

liit pa nya dito vina :) nku oz has the same inflatable thing!

summer's here! enjoy!

Jacqui Co-Soriano said...

ei vina,

you might want to consider club manila east! ito quick get-away (as in quick!) namin whole-year round. It is just 10 minutes away from our place. hahaha!

or, you might want to consider ACE Water Spa (ata!) at SFDM, QC Nice din dito.

or if you want away from Manila, go to Kabayan/La Luz San Juan Batangas. Beach yun but nice beachfront.

Huggies to Zoe! :)

Vina said...

hi vannie! i'm thinking of going to cebu soon. any suggestions from there? :-)

hi jacqui! cme is actually a very good suggestion. we also live around 10 mins away lang! imagine, it's so close but i've never really been there. my hubby says okay din daw dun. maybe we'll try it out one of these days. thanks!

Beibi said...

ang liit pa nga ni zoe dito! ako rin gusto ko mag swimming.

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