Monday, March 31, 2008

Bonus Treat

Feeling a little richer last week, I took the liberty of treating myself and some special people for dinner & lunch out as a celebration for the bonus which I received earlier last week.

First, I treated my Hunny for dinner in Friday's Serendra during our weekly date.

We weren't so pleased with the food and service in this particular Friday's branch. The food arrived around 30 minutes after we ordered and it tasted rather bland for my taste.

Anyway, at least I had a great time being with my dear husband. If not for that...

Next was my treat for my officemates at Conti's.

While we did wait for a good 30 minutes before we were seated, the food was definitely worth the wait. I really realy love Conti's (whether or not I know Angie, one of the Conti sisters). Already thinking of booking them again for Zoe's 2nd birthday party this September. We got them to cater before for Zoe's baptismal party and it was so patok.

Wishing it's bonus day everyday!

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