Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's Been A Tough Week

I've been feeling like a contradiction the whole week long.

I love my job, I hate my job.
I want to look good, I hate to put on make up, comb my hair, etc. etc.
I want to lose weight, I love to eat (errr... I love to eat a lot).
I want to be patient, I flare up with the slightest sight of *secret*.
I want to be to go shopping, I have no money for it.
I want to go home early, I stay till past 10pm in the office everyday this week...ggrrrr.
I love bonuses, I hate bonuses.
I love salary increase, I hate taxes.
I love to wake up in the morning, I hate to leave for work.

I want to go home (hmmm....did I say that already?)...but I need to finish my work.

Hubby's been waiting downstairs for some time already while I finish my work and this post. So I've finally decided to do what I want. Now I'm going more work and no more blogging for today.

Time check: 9:15 p.m. wo-hooo early...LOL.

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