Friday, April 11, 2008

Next On My List: Skin Treatment

If someone were to ask me to name a big beauty frustration that I have in my life, one of my answers would probably be not having flawless skin.

During my teenage years, my skin began to turn oily and I developed pimples on my face every now and then. School and books were my major concerns back then so I didn't care a whole lot about the way I looked and wasn't particularly conscious about taking care of my face. Thus, every time I got a pimple, I had this bad habit of squeezing each one of them. This resulted to me having deep pimple scars on my face. Because of this, I had to go several times before to the dermatologist for simple blemish treatment. However, even with that, my face still did not stop from getting pimply.

As I grew older, I told myself that I want to look better. So it's time for a full make-over! Apart from trying to avoid stress and getting enough hours of sleep, I now want to get myself the best acne treatment available and buy some top acne products. Hopefully, I'll say goodbye to pimples and hello to a new and more beautiful me.

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