Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kidz Kraze Loots

We were one of the early birds to the first day of the Richwell Toy Sale in Libis. Okay sana but the line to the cashier was super duper long...I was so tired to the max! Pero ganun ata talaga ang sacrifice para sa mga gustong makatipid. But I swear, I won't ever fall in line like that ever again.

Anyways, here are some of my loots (among other things I bought for my kids).

Leapfrog Disney Princess Laptop (Zoe loves it!)

Pads for the "milking cow" me.

For baby Luigi.

For Luigi (again) -- This was a major purchase kaya despite skimping on other stuff, our total cost was super laki pa rin.

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PM said...

hi vina, how much was the leapfrog laptop? i wonder how much is the retail price. : ( it's so nice, i want to get one for tina's birthday too.

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