Tuesday, December 8, 2009

You Must be an Angel!

Does Zoe look like a real angel here? So cute, right?

While looking for Free Wordpress themes for my old vinanini wordpress blog (my original blog!), I found this cute thing online. I managed to use one of Zoe's photos and upload it into this angel picture. (Oh, the many enjoyments of blogging and the web!)

Speaking of angels, I remember this conversation we had with Zoe a few days ago.

Mommy: What would you give to Daddy and Mommy this Christmas, Zoe?
Zoe: Magpapakabait na po ako (I'll be a good girl already).
Mommy: Why? Hasn't Zoe been good?
Zoe: Hindi, si Luigi lang ang mabait. (No, only Luigi has been good).

"Paawa" effect pa ha.

On the side, I'm giving myself a mental note not to compare the two so as not to bring about sibling rivalry or something to that effect.

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