Thursday, January 31, 2008

Found My Answer

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"Toddlers live large, play hard, and love big. When they get upset, they can start acting irrationally, just like adults do. And they often use emotional outbursts to clear out the bad feelings — which may feel good to them but isn't always easy for you. Before losing your cool, remember that your child's lack of self-control is normal and that he'll eventually learn what's socially acceptable by the way you and others react to his antics. Try to respond calmly and enforce the limits you've set so things don't escalate."

Zoe has been keeping us awake all week, playing endlessly, plus shouting and crying and looking for her yaya even at bedtime...

Now, I try extra hard to talk to her as gently as I can. Plus I learned that one of the effective tricks is to do a concert at night --- singing all my favorite songs (latin songs included) to her in order to put her to sleep. The songs "Salve Regina" and "Tantum Ergo" never fail. Even Hubby falls asleep with my singing! Haha! At the same time, it also puts my rather-rusty singing voice to the test. Pwede na ulit for recording! :-) LOL.

3 insights:

Kelly said...

hindi ka nag-iisa vina (i'm talking about our similarity with the kids having emotional outbursts, and NOT the singing. LOL).

a lot of times, my patience is really tested. buti na lang andyan si gats. may masasabihan akong, "kausapin mo yang anak mo ha!", sabay labas ng kwarto. Lol!

shopaholictiestheknot said...

Ang galing naman! Pati Latin songs! wow! and all i can sing are twinkle twinkle and rock a bye baby. LOL!

Vina said...

hi kelly! thank God for good husbands, noh?

hi pat! yeah, i love singing latin songs! weird ba? got influenced by my sis. she's a graduate from the UP conservatory of music at walang binatbat boses ko compared sa talent and singing voice nya.
:-) >> kaya nga nag-Economics na lang ako nung college. hehe.

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