Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Some Matches Aren't Made in Heaven least for a dear friend of mine.

I've known of some people whose marriages didn't work out but this is one is something that I know about from beginning to sadly... the end. I "accidentally" introduced the guy to my friend while we were walking along the street one morning on the way to work. But I didn't mean for them to actually get married!?!

I guess some people can be really blind when it comes to LOVE and you can't seem to blame them for it. Even if all the bad signs are there, some people are lead to believe, to hope, to want that the LOVE they have is for real.

Too bad it had to happen to a good friend of mine.

Hey, I'll be here for you okay? :-)

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Anonymous said...

nku this happened to me din, i introduced 2 friends hu fell in love and out of it. i felt like it was my fault bakit ko pa pinakilala.but its not naman.
hope ur friend is OK.
by the way, tagged u. :)

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