Tuesday, January 29, 2008

World Youth Day 2008

I'm so happy for my sister. A few years ago, she was able to go to Rome. Then late last year, she was in Japan. Then this year in July -- Australia! I so envy her.

Yup, she already officially enlisted herself to the WYD 2008 to be held in Sydney, Australia! How I wish I can be there too. I remember the WYD here in Manila. I was just in college then. We (the Stella Orientis Choir) won the Gregorian Chant competition and thus got the chance to sing for the then Pope John Paul II in PICC plus we got to be part of the big big choir who sang in the Vigil Mass and Sto. Nino mass at the Quirino Grand Stand. Remember the song, "Tell The World of His Love"? Yup, we sang that song (with matching hand-action) a million times during that event. I love it!

That experience was so great, unforgettable and even life-changing for me. I felt that I could really make a difference in the world (and this still holds true, you know.) I still get teary-eyed when I remember that day when I saw the Pope for the very first time. Immediately you can sense how holy he was. I'm sure he will be (officially) proclaimed as a great saint some day, maybe even sooner than many people think.

My sis is definitely lucky to be part of this next WYD.

Have a great experience in Sydney chanting "Be-ne-det-to- Be-ne-det-to"!!!

Only 168 days to go!

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nel's bebi said...

wow, kainggit naman si sis mo!
do you remember tina from daniw? she's also going i think :)
btw, i have something for you at my blog :)

Ai said...

Hi sis Vina, When Pope JJP was in Manila i really want to see him then but I was not included in the list of our school then to be one of the delegates..now, that I am in Poland I was so eager to see him but then before i left Philippines He died..He is HOly indeed. He is well loved by all Polish people here. I read a lot of his book and you can't fathom his great Love of God. Someday, maybe this summer I am going to visit his home here in Poland..even just his home seems I saw him in person. Your sis is fortunate to be given a chance to join such events. It is life changing indeed. Take care and have a nice day.

Vina said...

hi raf! r u talking about tina avenido? my sis is going with her tawili friends. wish i had the money to go! :-)

hi ai! wow, tell me when you visit jp 2's hometown. i read "witness to hope". his life is really something... and it's fascinating how the polish spell/pronounce the words! it's so hard!

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