Tuesday, February 26, 2008

8 Random Things About Zoe

Ed's AJ and Vannie's Ozzy tagged my Zoe:

1. Zoe is the first apo on my side but the 15th apo on Hubby' side. Here's our first time to see Zoe:

2. Zoe's real name (Zxxx Vxxxxxx) was taken from my mom's name, Violxxx while Zxxx was just name that I fancied (the famous Zara brand).
Zoe with my mother-in-law:

Zoe with my dad:

3. Zoe was baptized at the same church where we were married. :-)

4. Whenever we attend bday parties, we always try to have Zoe's picture taken with the mascot. :-) Addict!
Zoe (& mommy) with Barney:

Zoe (& mommy) with Tweety Bird:

Zoe (& mommy) with Hamburglar:

We also have a pic with Chuckee (of KFC) but I couldn't find the file.

5. Zoe loves Jollibee! She even recognizes the smallest tarpaulin of Jollibee's delivery service, pointing to it, saying "adububaubaa" (whatever that means!).

6. Zoe's first studio experience was for a Christmas souvenir at Great Image. Really torture! We couldn't get a decent pic. Right after that, we decided to enroll her at Blow Up Babies (BUB). At first, she cried and cried but on the succeeding pictorials, she was a very happy baby.
Great Image:


7. What else? Her favorite toy for the week? Her ratty Huggies teddy bear (got 6 of these teddies which are free last year from any big pack of Huggies diapers). If only I knew that she goes for cheapy-cheapy toys lang, I wouldn't have bought her so many expensive ones. Advise to soon-to-be moms: wait for gifts!

8. Zoe loves gadgets! Be it the remote control, the dvd player, cellphone, landline phone, etc. There was even a time she fell asleep with the phone's receiver on her ear.

That's all folks.

Thank you so much to AJ and Ozzy for tagging Zoe!

This time, I'm tagging Izech (Tet), Belle (Jenny) and Andres (Pam). Enjoy!

2 insights:

Anonymous said...

Vina! we have the same bag in pic #7. and ur ryt, kids they enjoy cheapy2x toys sometimes more than the expensive ones.
Ozzy ko nga ok na sa plastoc bottle na may laman sa loob to make a sound!:)

Something Purple http://www.mysomethingpurple.com said...

ang cute ng name niya zara violet, i like it siyempre may violet!

ang cute din ng mga studio photos niya hahah!

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