Monday, February 18, 2008

Being In Control of Your Future

Ever since my husband encountered a car accident in General Santos City last year, I have always been feeling restless and worrisome every time he leaves on business trips. Thank God that sans a bad bruise which he got on his left palm and other minor scratches on both arms, he is now fully recovered from the wounds and the trauma.

I guess that particular incident got me interested in availing of disability insurance. Even though we are a double-income family and are at the peak of our careers, you can never be sure if you will be continue to be healthy or able to work on a full-time basis in the next few years or so.

Since my husband is still traveling a lot as part of his job, the best way to secure his future income and his ability to earn a living is to get a disability insurance. In this regard, the first step that we’re going to do is to request for disability insurance quotes from the internet. From there, we’ll be able to decide on which insurance company can provide the best product and service in terms of disability insurance.

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