Friday, February 22, 2008

Coming Home

I heard that my dear friend Cleo will be coming home tomorrow to Manila from London. She has been working there for over a year now as a caregiver. Honestly, I miss her a lot since we were constant companions while she was living here. Anyway, I am so eager to see her again because since she left, we barely got to communicate through email or text since she doesn't have her own computer there and the cellular phone rates are expensive.

In one of her last phone calls, she told me that she might move out of her current apartment whom she shares with other Filipinos. The flat where they stay has become too crowded for her and her housemates. I think one of her housemates already has his whole family with him there. Mortgage payments in London are quite high so she has been living ever since in the suburban area. So to travel to the city proper, she still needs to take the train. The rates that she needs to pay for this new place is much lower plus it is located very near a church. I told her to go for it in view of the money that she will save for renting a new flat.

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