Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dream Garage

As a child I have always seen from my Dad create makeshift house drawings. His dream was to have our existing house remodeled into four levels with a four-car garage. At that time, our house was only a modest bungalow with a small garage fit for our one and only car.

But as the saying goes, "dream and your dreams will fall short". This dream of my Dad's did become a reality about two years ago when our family decided to venture into a full-blast renovation wherein the contractor needed to demolish our old house and construct as if from scratch. This time too, we also made a provision for a four-car garage which is perfect since we now have four cars.

Our house is now erect and furnished but the garage still needs some work. It still remains somewhat unfinished with its plain cement flooring with no tiles or concrete base flooring yet. Given the money, I would like to build something like my Uncle's garage in London. Garages abroad are very modern, secure and durable. In particular, my Uncle's garage has a remote controlled shutter door which is amazing! If only my Dad would agree on installing a similar thing at home. If he agrees, then don't you think it's groovy? I think so!

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