Monday, February 18, 2008

Food Tripping This February (Long Read)

February seems to be a month filled with celebrations! We have been eating out more than usual in the past weeks and enjoyed every bit of our time together as a family.

Let me just share to you some of our food trips lately...

First Trip - Panciteria de San Jacinto in Pasig

Ever since I could remember, my family has been flocking to San Jacinto for celebrations -- birthdays, graduations and other blessings.

I think the last time we went there as a family was when my mom was still alive and I graduated from my MBA course at the Ateneo Grad School of Business.

Anyway, as a sort of celebration for my mom's supposedly 61st birthday, my hubby, dad and I went to San Jacinto for dinner on February 01.

I noticed that they replaced some of the furniture and added some sofa / couches to make it more comfy. But as usual, the ambiance was still homey, the service good and the food yummy. In short, I love it there.

Second Trip - Marina in Jupiter Street, Makati

On one of those Fridays (of Lent), I asked my husband to bring me to Marina since I was craving for crab meat. The last time I craved for crab was when I was still pregnant with Zoe so that already some time ago. Is this a sign?

Overall, Marina is quite a disappointment. First, they didn't have anymore bangus available. Plus, all of orders had to be followed-up and came in late and in trickles. The food was not only late but for me it didn't taste as good as Breakthrough in Iloilo (at least for the higher price I should expect more, right?). Last, since my hubby wanted to drink some, when he ordered for his second bottle in advance, one of the waiters made a mistake of picking up his bottle of beer even if it still had some more left. My hubby gave him the look. Good thing, the manager was watching and immediately scolded the waiter and gave the excuse to us that he was just new. Anyway, because of this experience, I don't think we will be going back there anytime soon.

Third Trip -- Gerry's Grill in Trinoma

When my sister came over one weekend, we went to Trinoma and had early dinner at Gerry's Grill.

I highly recommend Gerry's Grill. The service was fast and the food tastes good. The waiters were also friendly. Plus the prices are relatively cheap. It only came out around 1,200 pesos for 5 adults (plus 1 toddler). Not bad, huh?

Of course, we ordered the yummiest food there. Haha! I felt I had a cholesterol overload after that.

Fourth Trip - Taste Asia in SM Hypermart Pasig

On Valentine's Night, my hubby and I decided to avoid the crowds and just go to the grocery to buy milk for baby girl Zoe. Unfortunately, SM didn't have any stock of Zoe's milk.

Anyway, since we were already there, we decided to grab dinner in the turo-turo style Taste Asia (Japanese). I thought at first that we made a good choice since we didn't have to fall in line or wait to be seated. But no, I regretted our decision to eat there at my very first taste of what we ordered. The food is really not ok (to put it lightly). Plus I think it caused some tummy ache for hubby the next day. I swear, I won't be eating there again.

Last Trip (for now) -- Dampa in Julia Vargas, Pasig

After work last Friday, we decided to eat out again to make up for our terrible dinner that we had at Taste Asia the day before. Since it was hard to go to Glorietta or Greenbelt because of the on-going rally, we instead drove to Pasig to eat at Dampa, particularly in Aling Tonya's Paluto where we are already 'suki'.

I was wishing and praying that the food will be so much better than what we had the day before. And so it was (but for a much higher price). We ordered Shrimps in butter, calamares and kilawin all at 1/2 kilo each. When the food arrived, it looked like we we're having our "last supper". Haha! The food served was so much (errr...too much) for just 2 persons that we had to bring home more than half of what we ordered. Anyway, I enjoyed it there. Plus we saw Gaby dela Merced also eating in one of the stalls there. O di ba, star-struck ako. Hehehe.

Till our next foodie trip! Hope you enjoyed reading!

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Anonymous said...

omg!! yum yum..drool drool.
i love the food at gerry's grille as well.:)

Random Ramblings said...

Nakakagutom! Thanks for sharing. Dampa Pasig might be the next place to visit for me then..

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