Thursday, February 28, 2008

Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

Being in the banking industry, we have always been warned against identity theft that can happen in daily banking and credit card transactions, especially those involving online activities. So the bank tries its very best to offer security especially for online transactions and also offer the clients very important information about security and phishing.

Lately, a number of cases have been reported in our company warning us of certain people who are posing as an employee or as someone affiliated with our bank. In the online world, there are also some of these ill-intentioned people who try to hack other people's bank and credit information by sending clients hoax emails which request for very confidential information such their account information, personal I.D. numbers and passwords.

In cases like these, we need to be wary of the security of our identities and our own accounts and properties. We should not reveal just to anyone our personal information, codes and passwords to avoid identity theft.

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