Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Travel Plans for 2008

What are your travel plans for this year 2008?

Last year was definitely a year of travel for my family. My Dad decided to go last June to Frankfurt, Germany to visit our relatives there and then headed to Rome, Italy to attend the canonization of St. Maria Eugenie, Foundress of the Assumption sisters. He also made a quick trip to Florence to see the famous architectural sights there and also stayed in Assisi, the hometown of his favorite saint, St. Francis. Around that time too, my husband and I also went abroad together to visit Singapore for their Annual Great Singapore Sale. We had such a blast scouring through all the sales! And then during the latter part of the year, it was my sister's turn to travel. She stayed in nice hotels in Tokyo and Osaka in Japan for three whole weeks and enjoyed every bit of her time there.

This year, my Dad also has been making plans to go to Hong Kong in May. My sister, on the other hand, is almost done finalizing her travel plans and hotel reservations for her trip to Sydney, Australia for the World Youth Day in July. As for my husband and I, our target is to apply for a US visa soon hoping to attend the wedding of my cousin in Chicago this October. I've already been to several countries in Europe but have never traveled to the US. But since budget is a concern, our next option is just to go this year to Bangkok or Shanghai for our second honeymoon. I have been browsing the internet and found this site which offers great deals and discounts on hotel reservations and resort accommodations. With the help of this site, travel can now be convenient and hassle-free. I'm actually planning on booking with them as soon as our vacation schedule and budget are finalized. Anyway, let's just hope for the best and start saving all that travel money!

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