Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Isn't This Much Much Better?

It's been a few weeks since my somewhat controversial post about the EDSA Jag ad of A.L. While I ached to make a follow-up blog or at least a reaction to the comments gathered by the post, I decided to keep quiet and not make things more hurtful than what has been already said.

Anyway, I just want to say that, at long last, they changed this ad already this week. The picture now is still that of A.L., maybe of that same shooting day but in another set-up. ISN'T THIS MUCH BETTER? A.L. looks very pretty here (in fairness). And hurray for no unsightly body parts are showing! It's now more appropriate for viewing of the people (kids and adults alike as I have stressed in my previous post) - that's why I'm saying it's much better.

Maybe these ads have a certain lease period or maybe the JAG advertisers just randomly decided to change their ad to a new one. Whatever the reason for the change, I really don't know or care. I'm simply happy that my travel along EDSA is less irksome than it used to be.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Now let's all move on shall we? :-)

Hopefully there will be no more hate comments ~~~ smile and peace to all :-)

3 insights:

Maybelle said...

hi vina! did you see the von dutch ad that was posted before the jag ad that you didnt like? there was a guy in between 2 girls and the guy was kissing 1 girl. so for me much better na ang ad ni angel. better na ang cleavage sa torrid kissing.

peace! :) have a great week ahead!

Vina said...

hi maybelle! thanks for commenting. yeah, saw that too. actually that was not the only ad before na hindi ok sa lugar na yon. parang it's already the nth 'dispalinghado' ad i've seen in that location.

anyway, i think there's was a move for a total ban of billboards which i read here -

...but somehow this things couldn't seem to be implemented in pinas. oh well.

Maybelle said...

i can't believe milenyo was almost 2006 pa. akala ko din nun billboards will be banned. well wala pa atang 2 months buhay na ulit lahat ng nasira.

i live very near that guadalupe billboard kaya ako nagco-comment. they really are very distracting

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