Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Shopping Galore

Bonus time means shopping time. My husband and I spent the weekend in the mall shopping. So far, I've bought my husband a new Marks and Spencer shirt, a nice pair of Levis jeans and new Rockport driving shoes. As for me, I haven't really found anything that fancied me. All I got for myself was a new 3D electric fan, if that counts.

Anyway, what I am really eyeing is this nice Technomarine watch which I found online. My husband is drooling for one too. I had to stop myself for a minute before I load my shopping cart. Shopping online is really tempting and addicting! But I'm just glad that we have that kind of option in shopping now.

Taking advantage of the current trend in business and ecommerce software, I often think of putting up my own online business too. This business would bmost likely be related to my interests which would be food, educational materials and books. Having decided on that, I know that I could get a dependendable shopping cart software from Ashop. Ashop provides full service with regard to your online business needs.

After settling that, hopefully I'll be able to get the ball rolling.

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