Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Buko Addict

I am a self-confessed buko (coconut) addict.

We used to have 2 coconut trees right in our own backyard years ago and we would always harvest sweet and delectable buko from those trees. I remember from my childhood days those hot summer afternoons when we had "free" buko. It was so refreshing! Sadly, we had to cut those trees when we there was a storm one time and both trees almost got uprooted because of the strength of the wind.

Anyway, when I got pregnant 2 years ago, my love for buko has intensified all the more. I actually craved for buko in whatever form: as juice, salad, ice cream, and even yogurt. Some say that maybe the reason why came out Zoe fair-skinned is because of all that buko that I ate during my pregnancy. Well, maybe.

What's funny is even up to know, I still crave for buko and would never say no if offered one. Especially now that it's summer here in the Philippines, a cold glass of buko is the answer to my prayers! Good thing Fruitas offers buco juice, buko shake and buko salad day in and day out! Love it!

I told my husband that if ever I'll get into the food business, buko products will definitely be on top of my list.

Happy hot summer everyone!

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