Monday, April 21, 2008

Do You Want to Lose 15 but Win 25?

Lose 15 lbs and win 25k pesos, that is.

I was inspired by the idea from Jacqui who will be getting $1,000 if she loses 15 pounds in 2 months (that's if her husband doesn't lose more pounds than her). Then she can buy whatever she desires.

My story naman started one night on our way home from work. My sweetheart and I were discussing possible travel plans for next next month. Our initial plan is really to book a Swingaround promo from PAL for Hongkong for a 5-day vacation. When I said 5 days, whoaaaa, biglang halt ang mga plans. We can't seem to accept that we wouldn't tag the baby along. Given that this is supposed to be like a second honeymoon for us plus a birthday celebration cum shopping of sorts, we're still both feeling very bad about leaving Zoe with the yaya for that long. Anyway, along that line I asked him if instead of going abroad, maybe we can just have a "pustahan".

Since we became friends a decade ago, we have been fond of making "pustahan" or deals (of course there has to be money involved to make it more exciting!). Our deals started from like 20-peso deals about whether or not my parents will be home when we come home from the office or from a date, whether or not I'll be late or not. That sort of little deals. There is one time that he was still courting me and he incidentally lost in one of our 20-peso deals. He gave the money to me with an "I love you" note written on it. Syempre, hindi ko na ginamit yung money. Hehehe. I still have that piece of money tucked somewhere in our room.

Anyway, going back to my kwento, I asked him if he's up for a challenge to lose weight in 2 months for 25,000 pesos. He agreed right away, LOL.

Our rules are as follows:

1. Duration of deal is from April 20 to June 20, 2008. Weighing in date is on April 19 p.m.
2. Winner should lose at least 15 lbs by June 20, 2008.
3. If both lose at least 15 lbs, whoever lost more weight compared to the other shall receive the prize money.
4. As a bonus, for every additional 5 pounds on top of the 15 lbs target, 5,000 pesos shall be added to the cash prize.
5. The prize money should be given on June 20, 2008 and winner can spend it however he/she wishes.

Here are the results of our weigh in last Saturday:

Me (*hiding face*):
Current lbs: 142
Target lbs: 127

Current lbs: 171
Target lbs: 156

Ang bigat namin noh? Actually, we both ate a hearty dinner before weighing in so that our target weight won't be too far off. Ang daya na di ba hindi pa man nagsisimula. LOL.

Did you know that my highest weight topped at 165 when I was 9 months pregnant? Sadly, I lost just a few pounds after giving birth.

But would you believe that my regular weight when I got married was just 120 lbs? On my wedding day, I was just 115 even! And before I met my husband (which was 10 years ago), I was actually just 97 lbs! Grabe, I've come a long, long way!

It is being in love which makes me fat? I hope not.

Wish me luck guys. Last time I checked, I'm just 135 lbs na. Still overweight but getting there.

p.s. Thanks Jacqui for the idea! Good luck to us!

4 insights:

Jona said...

hope u win haha :D
have a nice night!

Hailey's Beats and Bits said...

good luck. just some discipline and you're there.

jody said...

Goodluck to us na mga nagpapapayat!

AiDiSan said...


Do you exercise to lose weight? What diet do you follow?

I think I should be joining your pustahan 'coz I weigh almost the same as you and I plan to go to the gym effective May 01 to surprise my hubby when he comes home this October.

Goodluck, after the deadline, both you and your hubby will be the sexiest couple on earth:)

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