Thursday, April 10, 2008

Need Money Fast

I must admit that I'm not a very wise spender much less a saver. We spend a big chunk already of our family budget on Zoe's needs, food, utilities, salaries of our helpers, insurance, etc. Thus, when we still go out to dine or to shop for extras like nice clothes and shoes, our tendency is really to break the bank.

I've realized the value of money and of budgeting especially now that my mother in law fell ill and is now in the hospital. She felt dizzy and started to vomit on Monday morning. My husband immediately took her to the hospital and they found out that her blood pressure had shot up and she needs to be admitted for treatment and so that the doctors can observe her condition. Since my mother in law depends much on us, we had to take responsibility for paying for her hospital bill. The problem is, payday is still far away and the doctor said she is well enough already to go home anytime today or tomorrow. So now we are consider getting a payday loan so that we can settle her hospital bill and bring her home soon. Good thing money can be available when we need it.

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