Monday, April 28, 2008

Some Notes From My Retreat

Here are some things I took note of during my 3-day silent retreat:

1. Do not skip doing mental prayer over something that may be more important. All the more you need to prioritize your time for prayer in order to get things done -- and done well. God is the owner of our lives and many times, we tend to short-change Him.

2. "Vale la pena." It is worthwhile. It is worthwhile to give up that certain whim. It is worthwhile to be detached from your opinions. And it is definitely worthwhile to give your whole life to God.

3. There has to be joy in making amends. Thus, I need to live humility without complaining.

4. Lukewarmness is the biggest obstacle in our interior life. Live your life with a premise to improve your situation and not just going with the flow or doing whatever suits you.

5. Learn to fall in love and you will not leave Him. (This one's coming from a great saint.)

Ciao for now!!!

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Ai said...

Hi vina, i am inspired by this note. tks for sharing. Btw, tks for visiting my site too though a little messy now my site needs some haircut and make over. Take care and God bless ur family always.

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