Monday, April 28, 2008

Updates on the Pustahan

Thanks to Jona, Hailey, Jody, Pat, AidiSan, Tet, Tracy and Jesse (Did I miss out anyone?) on your well-wishes for me to win our Lose 15 and Win 25 contest.

Did you know that I actually get dreams (err...more of nightmares?) regarding our deal?! Many times, I just want to drop out from the whole thing and give the 25k cold cash to my hubby. But no!!!! I'm not giving up yet. My aim is to hit the 15 lbs weight loss mark so that I could be more fit and healthier, not to mention more ready to have a second baby soon. I could just hear in my dreams my OB scolding me for not keeping my weight down. That's actually enough motivation for me to continue on. My OB is a very strict doctor, you know. She scolds every time I go to her clinic and I exceed my weight gain limit! LOL.

Back to the contest. What did I do on the first week? No, I didn't exercise yet. I was so tired last week from doing the work which needed to be finished before I go on leave for my retreat. Imagine me going home at 1:00 am from work and feeling soooo tired. Grabe. Anyway, what I did do is to try one of my bosses' secret diet recipe. She made me drink celery-parsley juice for 7 days. Bleh! Yuck! It really triggered my loss of appetite. I guess it was kind of effective somehow because I didn't eat as much and didn't crave as much. Knowing myself, I eat a lot and crave for some many things, both sweet and salty! With the celery-parsley juice, I actually feel like vomiting everytime I drink it so didn't want to eat a lot. Did I lose weight? Well, yeah, a bit, but it's still far from my target.

This week, I'll start on the second phase which is the apple juice diet. Just need to drink fresh or commercial apple juice for 7 days. They say it's good for gallstones and kidney stones too. Then if my schedule permits, I'll make time to go to Gold's Gym this weekend. Gosh! Can't believe that it's been almost 7 months since I've been there! Crap! Our membership will end na in July and I haven't maximized their BIG annual fee yet (well, that's another big issue). If I win, I just might end up using the money to renew my membership and that's not even enough to pay for the whole year! Kainis!

Did my hubby start losing weight na rin? Well, I don't know. He just texted me now how on yummy the kambing he's having for lunch in Cabanatuan is (he's there for a site visit today). Hmmm. :-)

So wish me luck talaga. As they say in Project Runway --- "MAKE IT WORK!"

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Hailey's Beats and Bits said...

vina, there was once in my life i tried to shed off pounds. once lang and it worked for a week. nesvita for dinner.

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