Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Weekend Update

We officially started our weekend by a dinner date Friday night in Pancake House in Makati Avenue. The week was super-duper tiring and stressful. My mother in law just got back home from the hospital and my husband was so stressed out that it was good to have some quiet time together.

However, this date turned out to be a not-so-quiet date for us. There was a young couple sitting next to us. They literally entertained us. Hehehe. Instead of us talking about our day, we ate in amusement while watching this couple who were fighting. It was actually the girl who was fuming mad. She was saying with an angry tone -- "O, bakit hindi ka pa umalis sa harap ko. Pumunta ka na sa mga barkada mo" or something like that. LOL. Good thing we don't fight like that anymore (well, not that much anymore).

Moving on, the next day, we woke up early to go to morning mass. We brought along Zoe who was relatively well-behaved. Just like other kids, she loves pointing at the pictures and statues of Jesus and Mama Mary. And on our way home, her eyes never escape the Jollibee store near our village. She shrieks "Dad!!!" and waves every time she sees Jollibee. The way kids are now talaga.

We just had a quick breakfast and then the three of us left again for a trip to the car wash. Grabe the little girl. She was running around soooo much. Hyper talaga. Napagod si Mommy and Daddy kakahabol.

When we got back, the yaya asked if she can go to Medical City to have her eyes checked. Looks like she needed eyeglasses. And so I allowed her. This means that we needed to bring Zoe along for our errands for the whole day. Good thing my cousin Ria came by to give something for our padala for the States. Instead of going home na, sumama na sya sa amin.

First stop was in Timog for my appointment with my gown maker. Since my Dad's wedding is only a few weeks away, I gave an additional downpayment, submitted my gown design and my sister's measurements so that they can immedidately work on our dresses.

After that, we decided to try out the Chocolate Kiss Cafe which was only a few blocks away. The food was yummy though I think I should go back there next time without Zoe. I simply couldn't concentrate on the food with a toddler in tow. Anyway, here are some of the pictures.

Next to Chocolate Kiss was a big Papemelroti store. We went for a short peak inside and was able to grab a few things including ref magnets for my cousins abroad.

After that, we went to the second floor. BOOKS for LESS!!! This was HEAVEN for me. We browsed around for quite some time until I was too tired trying to contain Zoe. She kept shouting and picked up every book and toy she could get her hands on and I was a bit nahihiya to the store keeper for the noise and commotion we were bringing. There were so many books I wanted to buy there but, sadly, it was only a Thumbelina book for Zoe which I got to buy. I think I'll just schedule another trip there soon.

We headed to Megamall after that to meet my cousin who will be leaving for the States and to whom we will give our padala. Padala meant a big box full of Pancit Lucban and other Filipino goodies for my titos and titas there.

While Hunny went to the salon for a haircut, we went to SM Department store to buy Zoe a RTW lavender gown which she could wear for my Dad's wedding. We were lucky to have found a nice gown with a bubble skirt. Cutie! Will post pictures soon.

Anyway, we all had snacks in Yellow Cab, passed by Goldilocks and then bade goodbye to my cousin na. We headed straight back home after. We just texted my other cousin to go to the house for some drinks (i.e. San Mig, etc). It was fun. I hadn't had any drinks for a very long time ya know. I actually don't like drinking anymore. Hehehe. We called it a day by midnight.

On Sunday, we were at the church for mass as early as 7:30. My Dad was a lector and we decided to join him. After mass, we had breakfast and left the little girl at home to go to Greenhills with my Dad. We decided to have early lunch first at Conti's before we hit the stores. Our plan was just to buy a barong cloth for my Dad's wedding outfit. Prayers answered agad since we were able to get a good design from one of the Lumban barong sellers there. We were home by 3pm. :-)

After spending some time playing with Zoe in the village playground, I asked my husband to accompany me again to the mall. I was aching to go shopping for a new pair of shoes. So around 6pm we went to Megamall again and scoured the whole mall for the perfect pair of black office shoes for moi. Finding the perfect shoes is no walk in the park...it was like a treasure hunt! It's either there's no size, it doesn't look nice on me, or it's too expensive! Good thing that by 8pm, I was able to buy a nice pair. It's a 2-inch sling back, made of nice shiny material and is was at 10% discount. What a good buy! We also picked up a pair of slacks for my husband -- something that I've been prodding him to buy for the longest time.

Oh what a weekend! Ang gastos na, nakakapagod pa but it's worth it naman, I guess. Can't wait for the next weekend! LOL.

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