Friday, May 2, 2008

Beautiful Invitations and More

Being a melancholy person that I am, I consider myself as very idealistic and a sort of a perfectionist. I also love music and the arts and have a certain inclination for artistic and beautiful things. Thus, when it came to my wedding and my daughter's baptismal and birthday, not only did I want it to be perfect but I also made it a point to only prepare very nice and elegant invitations with letterpress printing. I find these kinds of invitations to be oh-so-charming and beautiful!

For example, for my wedding, we used cream-colored invitations with delicate but simple fonts. We just added a touch of pink and silver which were our wedding colors by tying the invitations in a nice bow. With this presentation, we got numerous favorable remarks from our family and friends regarding how liked our our wedding invitations so much.

On the occasion that our daughter was born, we also sent out baby announcements coupled with the baptismal party invitations. The colors this time were cream and lilac since her name was Violet. The wordings we picked were so heart-warming and nice that the news of our first-born truly sent out a good feeling of excitement and happiness.

And now for my upcoming brithday, I wish to celebrate a simple dinner with friends in our home. I plan to order some nice birthday invitations for that special day. I can hardly wait!

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