Friday, May 2, 2008

Buying Another Car

I've been prodding my husband lately to buy me a new car. While he is wishing to buy another big car for the family in the near future, I currently have my eyes on purchasing a black Honda Jazz for myself. I can already imagine myself driving this car on my way to work. I think it's going to be pretty cool!

Actually, our family currently has four cars already. You might think that we really don't need an additional car. However, two out of those four cars are already old for my standard. Thus, I'm thinking of selling the two older ones and replacing it with new ones.

Those two cars would be our silver-blue Mitshubishi Lancer (nicknamed Matilde) and red-mica Toyota Corolla (nicknamed Mica). Although both cars still run very well and still look pretty amazing even with the passing of time, it's reseller price in the market is already way down. Thus, if we still wait, we might not be able to sell it at a good-enough price. The only problem I think would be having to actually let go of those cars. Boy, Matilde and Mica have a lot of sentimental value! It has family memories written all over it! Thus, it would be very heart-cringing to sell it to some unknown person. Anyway, after considering the cost-effeciency and our budget, I guess it still will be for the best if we go ahead and sell them in the used cars shop soon. Good luck to us!

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