Friday, May 2, 2008


Here's the continuation of my story about the current sales around the Metro.

After going around the different shops for kids, I checked out Bayo but sad to say, the clothes there were either have a weird style or were a wrong fit for my body-type as well as my body-size. LOL. Empty-handed, I decided to just head to Rustan's for a quick look-see of the latest stuff there. Haha.

Since I was pressed for time, I only got to go around in one floor. I saw their Crocs stuff and was disappointed that they didn't any agreeable colors for their Crocs Malindi. The Havaianas store too was running out of good stocks and sizes. As if to cheer me up, salesguy there told me that brand new stocks will be delivered by tomorrow morning so I can just come back by then.

Ha! I guess, it's just not my lucky (shopping-for-myself) day today. Shopping has never been this hard for me. But I guess, that's better since I saved myself any additional credit card swipes and bills to pay!

P.S. SM Megamall is also having a great 3-day sale starting today! Maybe I'll run over there now. LOL.

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