Thursday, May 8, 2008

Feeling Better

At last I'm feeling so much better today. I've been praying hard that all will fall into place. It's not that bad naman pala. Actually, it's even turning out better than I imagined.

To remedy my problem, I decided today to sneak out of the office for a while during lunch time to rush to my gownmaker. I brought along my good friend Riza who's good with people (babaeng bakla kumbaga) to help me with my dilemma. I'm so happy that I did just that because she was able to help me deal with them, get things settled and at the same time, laugh & smile.

Hay, you know I realized that I'm still such a worry-wart as before. I've not really changed much. You know, I've been a worry-wart for ages! That's my weakness. For example, I still have vivid memories getting to school when I was grade 3, falling in line for the flag ceremony and then realizing that I forgot to do a Math assignment that day, I end up grappling my bag wanting to have a quick dash on the assignment. Whaaa!!! Panic talaga ako. Or before, I would wake up in the middle of the night (with heart palpitating) worrying that I've forgotten my equations for my Calculus or Econometrics exam in college. Then I end up losing sleep worrying all night. Haha! Grabe noh?

Yesterday, I did worry so much to the point that I felt my chest tightening, I felt so sick and I just wanted to shout. The issue about the gowns was just the start. I started to worry too about the other "THINGS" so lalong lumala. So breathe-in, breathe-out talaga. Haha. (Thanks for your help and comments Pat and Hailey!)

After this, I realized that sometimes it's just a matter of detachment: detachment from material things, detachment from my thoughts, detachment from my pride and honor, detachment from plans and dreams and now more importantly, detachment from MYSELF.

:-) ... and not forgetting to pray.

Ahhhh. Now I feel so much better.

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