Friday, May 2, 2008

A Great Adventure

My uncle from the United States retired a few years ago after working as a country auditor for a good thirty years. While he was working, he worked long hours and was assigned on business trips all the time. He told us that there were times that he had to be away for weeks. So on particular occasions, he would bring along my aunt with him so that they can at least be together and explore the different cities he's assigned to in the evenings and on his days-off.

Right after retirement, to make up for lost time, he and my aunt decided to get that much-needed rest and recreation. They decided to book a Royal Caribbean cruise, not once but twice, which took them to great places around the world. They often tell us stories from these unforgettable trips and listening to him makes me secretly envious.

Oh I wish I could plan a similar kind of vacation with my husband! If only I could find the perfect time for both of us. I honestly don't want to wait until we're too old to decide to go on trips around the world and enjoy each other's company in a great adventure.

I just learned that there are many kinds of cruises you can choose from such as the Princess Cruises or Norwegian Cruise Lines and that you can actually book them online. Now that it's so easy, I hope to be able to plan our dream destination soon.

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