Hot Men Tag

Sorry but this is a long overdue tag. I think the tag title is "Men I Want to Sleep With" but I kinda don't like the sound of that. So I'm just listing those hunky celebrity guys which I really like. Haha!

1. Wentworth Miller of Prison Break

I love those eyes!!! I went ga-ga over them.

2. In the local scene, I like the face of Will Devaughn. Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition kept me wake at night because of him. I think he's a sweet guy.

3. Last but definitely not the LEAST! My (err...our) Coffee Prince --- Gong Yoo. Even my husband likes him and would imitate his way of dressing. Haha! Enuf said. :-)

Thanks to Mari and Jesse for tagging me. :-)

Now let's move on and go back to reality, alright? Hahaha. My husband is really more than what I asked for. :0)


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