Saturday, May 31, 2008

I Feel Like...

...a newly-wed because I went to the "palengke" today with my husband and just to let you know, we haven't done some serious "palengke" shopping in a long, long while.

It actually feels good, ya know. And I didn't expect that. The last time I went to the palengke and actually paid for the goods was a week after my Mom died. I felt so bad then because the one who sold us fish got my 100 peso bill, put it inside their cash bin and then after giving me the fish accused me that my money was fake (showing me a 100 peso bill that was wet and spoiled). I was furious then that I vowed not to step foot on that market place again. And so after 3 years of staying away and just doing my grocery shopping and some marketing in SM Hypermart or Shopwise, I made the "return of the comeback" this time with Hun. It's because my Dad, the one who does the marketing for the family, is now on his honeymoon and will be away for the time being. Nevertheless, I think the torch has already been silently passed unto me after his wedding. LOL.

Anyway, good thing my husband is a "laking palengke" type of guy. His Nanay and sisters always asked him to buy in the palengke when he was young (kasi bunso siya and the market is just near their house). So I ask him to be the one to talk to the tinderos and tinderas. Mahiyain din kasi ako. Hay, how I wish I could somehow be as confident as him or as galing as my Mom who can mentally compute the price of her purchases without need of a calculator (she's a Math teacher by the way). For one, I'm not all that sure if the calculations were all correct.

Oh well, maybe next week I'll do better. We still made a quick trip to the grocery after that because there are still so many things needed in the house. And then I realized that the prices in the groceries now are so ovvvverrrr compared to the palengke. Anyway, that's another story.

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