Thursday, May 22, 2008

Manila Ocean Park

My sister arrived Saturday in Manila from Iloilo (for the wedding of the century). The next day, after hearing mass and going to the cemetery to visit our Nanay, we trooped to the Manila Ocean Park near Quirino Grandstand. Unfortunately, there were soooo many people there that we decided to just go back some other day na lang (most probably on a weekday).

Among the flood of people, I saw my old college friend Rhaetia there (she's now a lawyer). Their number was in the 300's and had been waiting there for almost 1 hour. When I looked at our number --- 710! Whaaa! It could take us 48 years (as they say) just to enter the place. Ha! Tough luck!

Sayang, we were hoping Zoe will get the see all those FISH!!!! She loves to say FISSSSHHH (whether refering to the live ones in our mini-pond or to the cooked ones on our dinner plate) LOL.

Here are some photos from outside.

After that, we decided to just head to MOA for a quick snack. The place was packed too. How could I forget?!!! It was Mother's Day! So after the snack and going around a bit, we all went straight home feeling so tired (for me, I could even say feeling "weak"). But contrary to all of that, Zoe was in the best of moods --- high spirits pa rin! Grabe! She is so hyper!

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