Monday, May 26, 2008

A New Business Opportunity

I have a friend from the bank who recently migrated to the United States to try out her luck in a foreign country. She easily found some kind of employment for herself in an office. However, while being able to work in that office, she also wants to join her roommate in her real estate business. Her roommate has been doing well in that business for the past 10 years or so. She would be able to help my friend get into that business opportunity too.

Since the economy may not be doing so good and there is a slowdown in business including in the area of real estate, you really need the proper background, connections and training to make it big. But first you need to learn the basic ropes of the job but studying, right? To help this friend of mine, so I sent her a link on REO Home Study Course. I told her that while continuing to work on her day job, she can undergo some REO Agent Training to aid her in her new venture.

Having previous banking experience here in the Philippines, I'm sure my friend would do very well in the real estate business especially in relation with How to Do REO Bank Owned Properties. She was once in banking operations and very well knows how the bank operates and how clients who have bad real estate loan history are handled.

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