Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I don't know with some people. But sometimes, at first sight pa lang, I know that we wouldn't get along.

I'm talking about the designers I got to make our gowns for my Dad's wedding. I initially talked to only 1 of the designers and immediately got along with him. But then after we closed our deal, the other designer came into the picture and protested regarding our agreed rates. Hindi daw pwedeng ganun ang price because they don't make gowns that "cheap" anymore. Naimbyerna ang lola mo. I just knew that I wouldn't be happy with their service after that.

Anyway, the wedding is just 13 days away and this guy goes calling me saying that he couldn't find our measurements. Better daw to go to their shop and have my measurements re-taken. So you mean to say they haven't started doing our gowns?!!! I already made a big downpayment and had my measurements taken 2 months AGO!!!

What's worse, I just couldn't go there because of work. How do they think they could finish the gowns on time without sacrificing its quality?! I'm beginning to think of refunding my money and buying RTW gowns in Glorietta instead.

Naku nakakainis talaga. I really should have trusted my instinct and just returned to the couturier who did my wedding gown. Too late for that! Whhhhaaaaa!

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Pat said...

hinga ng malalalim, vina. : ) but i know what you mean. make the most out of the situation na lang.

Hailey's Beats and Bits said...

ang wrinkles! lol. hope you have time for this tag

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