Weekend Recap

Hi! How did your weekend go?

Mine was spent utterly forgetting about our weight game and giving in to the delights of bingeing and home cooking.

On Friday night, we dashed to Dampa Julia Vargas for some buttered shrimps and squid. We wanted to spend some time together (just the two of us) so we didn't bother to follow our friend who invited us to drink with him. Hehe.

Early Saturday morning, after morning mass with Zoe, my husband and I went to Makro for some meats and other groceries since our stocks were already depleted and the helper claims we don't have any more food to eat for lunch.

For the longest time, it has been my Dad who does the weekly marketing (shame on me hehehe). And since he still plans to go to the market on Sunday, we took it upon ourselves to plan the menu for the weekend.

First meal was inihaw na liempo. Yummmmmmy! We chanced upon a really good piece of liempo in Makro that turned out super crunchy and delicious when placed in the turbo broiler. On the side, we had some buttered corn and carrots and instant crab and corn soup and COKE! There goes my diet!

In the afternoon, we took Zoe to the pedia where she had a flu shot. It was raining pretty hard outside so we decided to skip having snacks outside. When we reached home, there was spaghetti waiting for us courtesy of our neighbor. Sarap!

In the late afternoon, Hubby and I escaped to go to Eastwood City to chill a little bit. I was so unlucky with my clothes-hunt. I just found 1 nice blouse. All the other nice stores I like didn't seem to cooperate at all. No SIZE!!! Bad trip. I really NEED to lose that extra weight.

When we got home, our Ate Nilda cooked roasted chicken. Hay, ano ba yan. Ang sarap.

The next day, we were still in the eating mood. For lunch, we had caldereta. For snacks, we called the ever reliable 911-1111 for 2 boxes of pizza and a bottle of Pepsi. For dinner, it was fried galunggong and sauteed spinach.

By the end of the weekend, I ended up gaining back the pounds I lost during the past week. Sob sob. Mea culpa!!

Here's some manifestation that Zoe might grow to be a food and soda addict like her Mom.LOL.

FYI, she cried a whole lot when we got the Coke pet bottle away from her. LOL. Manang-mana.

Good thing, I can start all over again this week...


Pat said…
mas matindi nga si zoe! ilang litro yan? hehehe...
AiDiSan said…
You can continue your diet and have the weekends as your cheat days, kelangan happy pa rin, right?

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