Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Any Update on Ces Drilon?

I've been interested in current events lately mainly because of the news about TV anchor Ces Drilon and 2 other men being abducted by some rebels in Mindanao. It is sad, sad news really. Is it true that they were asking for 15MM ransom for these people by 12 noon? That's an awful lot of money. But come to think of it, that's actually just a fraction of the guaranteed minimum prize money for tonight's power lotto draw by PCSO. Will the lotto winner ever think of donating 15MM for a good cause? Or are you also for the no-ransom policy of the government?

Just a thought.

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Vannie said...

hehehe hi Vina!:) Ces as just released with no ransom (daw!) but i think they just paid it off but kept it quiet....

just a thought. ehehehe

btw a tag for you here

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