Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Arts and Pottery

I've always been interested in arts and crafts since I was young. I always fancy myself owning a workroom where I can create artworks and masterpieces. How I wish I able to draw nice pictures or create wonderful sculpture. But since I realized that I'm really not so good in drawing or in making works of art fit for the museum, I'm looking at other options for myself. And so lately, I've been more interested in ceramics and jars. This interest grew on me after reading about this book on pottery and other related crafts.

If you're into learning new crafts and arts like me, one of your options could be to take up lessons on pottery. Making jars and clay arts are just fun and exciting since you can freely design your work as you wish. Your finished products depend on how you shape the clay on the potters wheels and before you know it, you already have a lovely piece of jar.

To get started, it's nice to invest on some pottery supply and on a good ceramic pottery kiln. I've been browsing online and can't wait to make my purchase soon.

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